Holly McCurry, founder of Eagles Nest Goldendoodles and lover of all things doodle, grew up on a farm full of horses, cows and dogs.  She helped love and care for all of the animals on the farm, and has always had a furry companion throughout her life. 

Holly’s love for the doodle breed began in her early 20’s when she worked for a hotel that partnered with K-9 Assistance. People would come in for two weeks at a time  meet, be paired with, and train with their new service dogs, which happened to all be doodles. These dogs were not only beautiful and seemed to be living teddy bears but were highly intelligent and friendly. From that point on her goal was to have her own doodle as part of her family. 

In recent years Holly, her husband and two young children began their quest to find the perfect addition to their family. After finding a local breeder and an anxiously awaited 8 weeks they brought home their new furry family member; a handsome, loving, loyal Goldendoodle. 

Holly and her family love their dog, and love to help families find their perfect doodle match by providing a perfect mate for other responsible breeders.  

Eagles Nest GANA.jpeg

The Goldendoodle Association of North America primary objective is to promote and guide the development of the Goldendoodle while maintaining optimum health, establishing reliability in health and temperament; and in coat and type for multigens. GANA Breeders have agreed to recommended levels of testing of their breeding stock (and they submit verification), and to keep genetic diversity in the breed by not breeding closely related dogs.